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Because your law firm deserves a seamless, high-converting lead booster to connect with your clients.

Over 60% of enquiries are generated by the Instruction Booster, compared with a standard quote form on the same site.


Your clients are actively searching for legal assistance. With our Instruction Booster, be present in real-time, ensuring your clients consistently choose you over others.


Every lead matters. Our dedicated conversion team meticulously turns each interaction from the booster into a firm 100% commitment to use your conveyancing service. No more lost opportunities, just secured instructions.


Why the shift to lead boosting widget? As phone numbers vanish from websites, 41% of users prefer a quote/livechat option. Evolve your business to match today's client's needs.

How does it work?

Add a small HTML snippet to your site — it takes 30 seconds to get started

Step 1

We send you our easy to install code for your website. This will position the instruction booster on your site in your own colours and styling.

A member of our team can help you to install this if you do not have a developer on hand!

Step 2

Prospective customers actively using your website will be prompted to generate a quote, no matter what page they are on. Your welcome message is customisable allowing you to run promotions if required.

Step 3

Once a client submits a quote request, they receive an instant email explaining your conveyancing service and an SMS notifying them that a member of the team will reach out shortly. At the same time, you will receive an email notification with all of the quote and client details to action.

Step 4

If you choose to work with our concierge team - Our very own lead to instruction conversion specialists will act as your dedicated 'new business team' to manage and convert your leads into qualified direct instructed cases with 100% commitment from the client to use your conveyancing service, at your fees!

Start making your website work for you!

Unlock the full potential of your digital presence by turning your visitors into active clients and super charge this with our concierge team, who manage your leads 7 days a week so nothing is missed!

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See how firms up and down the UK are putting their client acquisition on autopilot by using tools like the Instruction Booster!

Great experience with Conveyancer Plus. Very efficient, helpful, hands-off approach. They understood our needs and delivered increased instructions



RMNJ Solicitors

We were pleased to see a fantastic conversion with Conveyancer Plus from the outset compared with our in-house team.



LPL (a division of Read, Roper & Read Solicitors)

We've seen a dramatic increase in instructions, since employing Conveyancer Plus and are now growing faster than ever. For a firm like us, it is perfect.



March & Bloom Law

The Instruction Booster is generating more instructions compared with our own website quote form. Every client is happy and prepped.



Spencer Lockwood Solicitors


What is the Conveyancing Instruction Booster?

The Instruction Booster is a specialised tool designed for law firm websites, allowing visitors to instantly generate conveyancing quotes and engage with a representative to discuss the quote and explain more about the service offered by the law firm.

How does the concierge team enhance the Instruction Booster experience?

Our concierge team consists of trained professionals skilled in handling conveyancing enquiries and converting those enquiries into qualified instructions with 100% commitment that the client is using your law firm for their conveyancing service. The concierge team acts as the firm's very own external 'New Business Team'. They ensure every interaction is handled promptly and efficiently, guiding prospects through the process, answering questions and managing expectations for the next steps in the process once instruction has taken place.

What fees do we set?

The fees set on the Instruction Booster will be your own standard firm fees. You are free to request promotions to boost instructions numbers at any time. Our onboarding team will request your fee scales, along with lender panels you are able to work with and the type of transactions you would like to take on.

We will also request your typical onboarding process, e.g. when is the welcome pack sent, money on account request, to prepare the new client as best as possible for the next stages.

Can I customise the Instruction Booster to match my website's design?

The Instruction Booster can seamlessly integrate with your website's colours and styling, ensuring a consistent and professional look throughout.

Will the Booster disrupt the user experience on my website?

Not at all. The Instruction Booster is designed to provide faster organic conveyancing enquiries without affecting the user's ability to navigate your site. It's unobtrusive, yet easily accessible when needed.

How does the Conveyancer Plus concierge team handle leads from the Instruction Booster?

We appoint a dedicated 'New Business Team' solely for your firm. This team will be in charge of managing enquiries generated from the Instruction Booster on your behalf. We have the necessary compliance in place to act as an extension of your legal team, and have been practising the same for firms on their general organic leads, handling online leads on their behalf and setting up marketing campaigns.

Your dedicated team will meticulously turn as many leads generated into qualified instructions with a comprehensive sales and communications strategy delivered to new prospects to increase conversion rates.

Why should I opt for the Instruction Booster over traditional forms of client interaction?

The Booster, resembling the position of a livechat tool, offers real-time engagement and effective quote delivery. Our stats show that 64% of conveyancing prospects prefer using the Chat tool or similar over traditional site quote generators.

Is the Conveyancer Plus Concierge Team compliant to act as my 'New Business Team'?

Yes, our team and tools are fully compliant to act as your dedicated 'new business/enquiries team' for your firm, adhering to all necessary industry standards and regulations. Our email and text communications have been checked and approved by a number of SRA and CLC regulated firms.

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